Great For Any Location

At the Office

Winner of the Wayfair Kitchen Sink grand prize, it’s clean, uncluttered white surface encourages focus and is designed to get you into work mode while increasing productivity

At Home

When done, the Edge Desk folds down to 6 in (152 mm) for easy storage against walls, in closets, or under other furniture. Because it’s so compact and weighs only 30lb (13kg), this desk can be carried with one hand and/or tucked away in a car trunk.

At the Studio

Converts to artist easel for class, work in the park, or anywhere that sparks creativity. The easel can swivel between landscape and portrait.

At School or College

Promoting correct posture and comfort encourages more focused productivity and academic improvements in the classroom. ┬áThe Edge Desk is portable and folds down to just 6″ high so the desks can be easily moved or stowed away to accommodate changes in classroom configuration or additional requirements such as at exam time.

Designed for Your Comfort!

The Edge Desk’s height, angle and tilt are adjustable to suit individual body size and desk preferences. Perfect for any office worker or for any on-the-go entrepreneur!